Ranger Diary

November 2015

Ranger Report

November 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter


As 3pm approaches on a hot and very humid Sunday afternoon the lodge is not a hive of activity as one would expect for a weekend. This is not because there are no guests in the lodge, but rather due to the fact that it is so undeniably hot.  The only guests in the lodge, who are not lazing around by the pool or having an ice-cold beverage in the bar, are four die-hard nature lovers. The kind of people who are willing to brave the summer sun in order to take every possible opportunity presented to them to get that perfect photo.


At 4pm the two couples arrive right on time and off we go. This is not a normal game drive nor rhino tracking, but rather a trip up the mountain for sundowners on one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring spots in the entire reserve. As we slowly edge our way up the steep and rocky slopes, we are absolutely astonished at the amount of game which we are spotting, they are all awake from their midday slumber and are starting to make their way down towards the river for that much needed drink or even a mud-bath.


Once at the top of the hill the guests are astounded at the view. From an elevation like this you can see for kilometres and kilometres. With drinks and snacks set-up and ready the guests take it all in while watching the sun go down.


After spending an hour or two up on the mountain, we pack up and head back down to the lodge; we arrive just in time for dinner. The conversation around the boma fire that evening revolves around nothing but the amazing views and the time spent up on the mountain above the reserve, time spent between two couples, their guide and the beautiful creation which we are fortunate enough to call home and for others a place to call their “second “home.


Just another day on Pongola Game Reserve


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