Ranger Diary


Ranger Report

July 2015

Compiled by Bertus Potgieter



July was another one of those dry months with only a few days worth of rain (the amount not nearly enough to help with the levels of the river and the dam though).

Despite the low rainfall count, the animals on the reserve are still in an acceptable condition.


On a slightly wetter note, there have been very good game sightings from the boats as the game now tend to focus primarily on the flood plains and green river banks of the Pongola River. The game which is plentiful along the river is obviously an enticing attraction for the crocodiles and as a result these huge reptiles have been spotted more often than in previous months.


Another huge species which has been seen regularly this month, is the elephant. They have been moving around constantly as they search for spots on the reserve which bear the greenest foliage and shrubbery. The twin elephants which are part of the C-Herd have been spotted on a few occasions and are still doing very well and are now growing at an alarmingly fast rate.


Other critters which have been very active during the month of July are the owls. Scops Owls, Barred Owls and Pearl Spotted Owlets have been spotted and heard on a regular basis. A diminutive Scops Owl has decided to take up residence in the car- park of Mvubu River Lodge and has been delighting visitors and staff with his beautiful call every night.


On that feathery note, the Pongola Game Reserve and her team leaves you with just enough information and stories to wet your appetite with until next month.


Bushveld Greetings.


Bertus Potgieter